Welcome to the ArtsMile Website

What IS Artsmile?

Now in its fourth year, ArtsMile is a fun and engaging event, whereby some pretty amazing artists ‘take over’ a selection of shops along Harborne High Street for a day. Over the years, the event has drawn people from near or far to indulge their creative flare, whilst they happily consume at their own leisure. This simple and relaxed way of getting involved with arts has proven so popular, Artsmile has quickly established itself as a free family-friendly local arts festival fixture in Harborne to look forward to.

Where did ArtsMile come from?

As with most success stories, Artsmile came from an off-the-cuff conversation… almost on the back of a beer mat! The founder of Edgbaston Arts Contact Group, Dr Tom Jones was chatting to his son about how Harborne High Street had once been home a popular pub crawl, commonly referred to by locals as ‘The Harborne Mile’. The idea of using pubs and shops along the high street as a one-day venue to host an arts event evolved and ‘Arts:)Mile 2013’ was born. Over the years, this unique arts event has been hosted in over 30 establishments with some loyal supporters along the way.

Who organises Artsmile?

Edgbaston Arts Contact Group was established in over 6 years ago, to encourage artists to get mobilised in the Edgbaston District and create and deliver high quality arts which is accessible to communities. We work ‘with’ people, ‘alongside’ people. We do not preach or talk at people. We want people to understand that everyone is creative and just enjoy getting involved with what we do. Your way.

In summer 2016, Edgbaston Arts Contact Group reformed as ‘Artscoop Central’. We will still maintain our strong connections within Edgbaston but want to extend our artistry further afield too. Art has no boundaries and we would prefer none either!

Our Vision for ArtsMile

We want to continue and build upon ArtsMile. We believe there is a real need to get local festivals on the map as yearly events. Yes, local festivals. There is so much artistic talent in your neighbourhood you may not be aware of… and maybe you would want to see in your neighbourhood too. We recognise that people want to experience creativity in a relaxed and non-threatening environment and maybe not feel forced to travel too far to reach it. We will keep it fun, free and delicately educational.

Where do I learn more about ArtsMile?

Well, here for a start! But we always welcome input and images on our Facebook Page (Artsmilebirmingham) or come and join the conversation on our Twitter Page (@ArtsMileBrum).